Naked Unscented Soap


‘Dook’ - To dip, plunge, bathe.

Organic artisan soaps handmade in Edinburgh. Containing 50% pink Himalayan salt, each bar of Dook soap is crafted with care giving emphasis to natural ingredients. Sustainability and plastic reduction is key, hence these luxury soaps are discerningly wrapped with recycled/recycleable packaging.  A favourite of ours.

Use Dook in the bath or shower, as a shaving bar or keep and use by your kitchen sink.  These beautifully made soaps are a pleasure to the eye as well as the skin.

Naked  - Unscented.

No essential oils, no allergens.  Naked.  Contains Himalayan Salt, Organic Coconut Oil and Raw Organic Shea Butter. The salt detoxifies and exfoliates. Coconut Oil and Shea butter boost and moisturise your skin. A ‘superfood’ for the skin.