W/R/F Ceramics Serving Bowl

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W/R/F Lab is run by artist Nobuhito Nishigawara in Southern California. The name extends from Nobuhito’s Japanese heritage. Born in Nagoya Japan his family name translates to West River Field. 

W/R/F began in 2012 by merging a minimalistic vision with “Mingei” folk craft theory from Japan.  Developed in the 1920’s in Japan by philosopher Yanagi Sōetsu with a group of craftsman the principle of “mingei” is Ordinary People’s Crafts and that beauty can be found in utilitarian everyday objects made by skilled craftsman. 

W/R/F Ceramics fuse the artistry of traditional Japanese tableware with a simple aesthetic. Each piece is hand thrown and subtly unique. 

Serving Bowl

ø 22cm H 6.7cm

A wonderfully organic shallow serving bowl. Available in Ash or Wreath.