Who We Are




Established in 2020, Edinburgh Mercantile is a family business which values the heritage of an old general store whilst bringing modern thinking to fit lifestyles today.

To realise an improved life balance we decided that happiness and health come first.  Harnessing our passion for home and product with our sustainable and ethical mindset, our business was born.

A provider of useful and beautiful objects, Edinburgh Mercantile has a utilitarian ethos. Working with trusted designers and makers we put distinct emphasis on the practical use of everything we sell.

Genuine products which bring good, honest craftsmanship to the fore are fundamental to us.  Responsibly sourced objects which are joyful to own and use have been thoughtfully considered.

Branwen, the Celtic goddess of love and beauty much epitomises our sense of family, home, comfort and creativity.

We hope you discover a piece you can use well and cherish.

David & Roz