Carrière Frères Jasmine Taper Candles


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Founded in 1884 by the Carriere brothers, Carriere Freres is a company which pays tribute to the heritage of candle making & botanical research. The fragrances developed epitomise the biodiversity of the plant kingdom.  Responsibly sourced & crafted in Normandy, France the scents are extracted from herbs, flowers, fruits, roots & trees. Beautifully considered.

Carrière Frères Jasmine Taper Candles

The name originates from the Arabic ‘yâsamîn’. The sweet-smelling flower grows on an Indian shrub of the Oleaceae family.


Prized in perfumery, white jasmine or Jasminum officinale gives off sweet floral notes.

Scented taper candles bring back the memory of decorative candles used to embellish tables at the beginning of the 20th Century, thus reconnecting us with the early years of the brand, founded in 1884.

100% vegetable wax from organic European rapeseed.

Their botanical perfume prevails when opening the box; once lit up, the taper candles diffuse a golden halo.

Box of 6
Burning time: 10 hours
Dimensions: Ø: 2.2cm, H: 20cm

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