Carrière Frères Orange Blossom Botanical Palet


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Founded in 1884 by the Carriere brothers, Carriere Freres is a company which pays tribute to the heritage of candle making & botanical research. The fragrances developed epitomise the biodiversity of the plant kingdom.  Responsibly sourced & crafted in Normandy, France the scents are extracted from herbs, flowers, fruits, roots & trees. Beautifully considered.

Carrière Frères Orange Blossom Botanical Palet

 A white flower that heralds warm days, orange blossom grows on the bitter orange tree. Known since Antiquity, it is a symbol of purity and beauty: intoxicating and discreet, it was used to make the crowns of young brides.


Sweet and slightly powdery, orange blossom embodies a floral scent, with a white flower and a waxy, somewhat sweet note. It is a summery ode to lightness and femininity.

The botanical palets box contains two palets of the same fragrance. Designed to perfume small spaces, they can be hung in a wardrobe, on a handle or placed in a drawer.

Dimension: Ø: 8.7cm

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