Stoneware Curved Mug


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Born in Sheffield in 2015, Pottery West is the studio of Catherine & Matt West. With emphasis on function & beauty this tableware is traditionally wheel thrown. Carefully considered & crafted these useful pieces are truly special. 

Stoneware Curved Mug 

A perfect mug with a comforting shape. 

Olive flecked stoneware. A lovely dark and characterful green glaze with occasional speckles coming through from the iron in the clay body. Simple, stylish and so versatile. 

Ochre flecked stoneware. Named after one of its ingredients - iron ochre. A complex full glaze with a mix of brown and caramel hues. A glossy glaze but the rutile within creates a semi-matte appearance in certain lights. 

Capacity 300ml 

Height approx 7cm

Diameter approx 10.5cm



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Colour: Olive

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