Jean d’Aigle French Cologne


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Jean d’Aigle Eau de Cologne

Founded in 1945, Jean d’Agile traditionally craft cologne in Provence, France.

Assembling natural essences of plant and flower, these blends are combined then mixed with water and alcohol.  The maceration process of four weeks allows the essences to fully diffuse.

These old French heritage colognes are all gender and can be splashed or sprayed on liberally to body and face to refresh and revive.

250ml authentic glass bottle with a screw top & convenient atomiser.

Each bottle comes in a stylish & classic white embossed box.

Ambre - Orange, Cedar & Mint

Naturelle - Lemon, Verbena, Pine & Orange

Fougére - Lemon, Geranuim, Santal

Rose - Blackcurrant, Rose, Geranium

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Fragrance: Naturelle

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